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I've used Kim Saerom hundreds of millions of times. Don't put anything…

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Post a video of your experiences on YouTube channel\t\t\nBased on her own experience, Saerom's body shapeI told you how to take care of your skin. /Capture the video of 'I'm Kim Saerom'Based on his own experiences, broadcaster Kim SaeromHe told me how to take care of my body and skin.On the 20th, Kim Saerom appeared on the YouTube channel "I'm Kim Saerom."How to take care of your skin and body! It's called "How can you endure this when the model tells you how to do this?"I posted a video. In the video, Kim Sa-rom made her debut when she was about 19 years old. from my late teensI'll tell you what I've done over the past 20 years. Hundreds of millionsI used it, but I said I would reduce the trial and error.Kim Sa-rom said, "Early and mid-20s are fine. That's when I worked outYou don't have to. I don't have to work out hard for my bodyYou look pretty even if you don't. You can eat it all. Even if I don't eat dinner, I'll lose weightIt's a time to fall out. The problem is that they are in their late 20s. I'm gaining weightI feel it in my late 20s. He warned that he should start exercising in his late 20s.Next, the riceJust don't eat a lot. When you're in your 30s, you can eat home-cooked meals and regular mealsYou gain weight. In your early 30s, you can't help but exercise and dietIt works. If you eat three meals in your mid-30s, you'll be in big trouble. Out of two mealsHe introduced his own method that he must eat a salad for one meal.The dinner partySaerom says that if you have one, you'll starve the whole time and eat only protein. Otherwise"You will get fat. In conclusion, you should eat moderately and exercise," he said.Saerom Kim also gave a lot of effort to take care of his skinHe's heard. He's got a laser that he hasn't done since his early 20s, and he's not hitThere is no injection. You don't have to go to the dermatologist in your 20s. The shape of my faceIf you want to make it a little prettier, just do the meridians and circulate the whole body.He said he only throws away money when he goes to the dermatologist.Ulcera is the best at lifting. It's the best at regeneratingIt's the best. Don't put anything in your face. My face line looks unnaturalSaid.The Fact, which jumps with its feet, waits for your report 24 hours a day.▶Kakao Talk: Search for 'The Fact Report'▶ Email: jebo@tf.co.kr▶News홈페이지: http://talk.tf.co.kr/bbs/report/write
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